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Teachify leverages AI for instantaneous creation of highly accurate teaching resources, tailored to any topic and any student age group

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A seriously unfair advantage

Teachify can generate lesson plans, lesson handouts, presentations and quizzes, all tailored to your needs. Just provide a topic and the ages of the group that you’re teaching.

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Simple, transparent and affordable pricing – because teachers should be able to deliver education more efficiently.

  • Save yourself hours of time

    Turn hours into seconds and let us do the heavy lifting for your lesson preparation.

  • Generate lesson plans, presentations and more

    Teachify supports all the resources that you could ever need to conduct an impactful and engaging lesson.

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities

    From primary school to university - we help teachers at every level of the education system.

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Suitable for teachers at all levels of education.


Everything you need to catapult your lesson prep.

  • Unlimited generations
  • 24/7 support
  • Storage for all your generated resources
  • Lesson plans, lesson handouts, PowerPoints, quizzes, homework, true or false questions and flash card generations


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